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Phosphatidylserine, a nutraceutical substance originating from vegetable origin, belongs to a special category of fat-soluble substances called phospholipids, which are essential components of cell membranes.
It is found in every human cell, but is a very specific brain nutrient, being most highly concentrated in brain cells. Low levels of phosphatidylserine in the brain are associated with impaired mental function and depression in the elderly.

Phosphatidylserine plays an especially vital role in nerve tissues. It is critical in membrane-to-membrane fusion-a key process in neurotransmitter release-as well as activating cell surface receptors and supporting the transmission of chemical signals.

Phosphatidylserine is a nutritional supplement, not a drug; as such, it is more widely known in the alternative than in conventional medicinal circles. In short, it is a fatty substance that may halt memory declines and even bring memory improvements.

NeoBros has demonstrated clinical benefits in treating cognitive impairment including Alzheimer's disease and age associated memory impairment. NeoBros is an effective modifier of cognitive decline and reduces the risk for dementia.

The administration of 300 mg per day for eight weeks led to significant clinical improvements in patients with mild primary degenerative dementia.

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