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About Us

At Pharmamed, we have a strong code of ethics. These Corporate Values are our guiding principles - they are the basis of everything we do.

We pride ourselves on promoting and supplying only quality products screened by our regulatory department and shipped under stringent controls to ensure quality delivery.

Personal Focus
We treat each order with individual attention.

We believe in fair competitive pricing and do our utmost to supply products at the best available price.

Social Responsibility
We aim to reduce healthcare costs in the region by focusing on supplying generic alternatives.We are conscious of the need to protect our environment, and thus seek products as well as companies that provide the added value features of environmentally friendly products.

Community Commitment
We are committed to community needs, a commitment demonstrated during last summer's July 2006 war when our determined efforts ensured uninterrupted provision of medications and supplies to all our clients from pharmacies to hospitals and clinics.

Relationships of Mutual Benefit

We believe in cultivating relationships that are of mutual benefit, equitable and profitable for all parties concerned.

Our operations are founded on an exclusive representation of our partners, based in all four corners of the world. While they entrust us with their products, we in turn commit to safeguarding their interest and maximizing their product potential.

We have repeatedly succeeded in launching difficult and challenging prototype pharmaceutical products. We have a solid commitment to continuously introduce the latest innovative products to the Lebanese market, thus not restricting our business to generics but rather extending it to encompass specialty brand products that fulfill niche therapeutical needs.

Our Ethos
"We don't have personnel - we have a team.
 We don't have suppliers - we have partners.
 We don't have customers - we have associates".
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